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Are you one of the many that have purchased WordPress type themed sites that promises unlimited capabilities and the ability to change all pieces to match your business? How did it turn out? Do you hate it? The WordPress sites that I have seen from most Realtors look like they still need to unwra...
I know templates, WordPress themes, and other cookie cutter websites don't inspire the average viewer but I want to share my site with you. If you have the right expertise and creativity as we do then a WordPress Theme or any other template site can be custom coded to meet your business needs. My...
Do you monitor your site keyword/traffic, where they come from, etc or do you just add your site to Google? Most think by adding their sites to google and adding a few good keywords normally their City, state, what they do etc believe they are doing SEO and the site will just climb by itself. Wel...
Connecting with Local Clients requires more than just adding your site to Google! Many small businesses today struggle with Search Engine technologies and end-up over paying or just adding their site to a search engine blaster which may or may not work as advertised because its difficult to judge...
How many of you out there think that fading in and out pictures are Virtual Tours? If you think that than have you considered what's the difference between a still image and one that fades in and out? The answer "NOTHING"! The fact is the image is still the same image fading or sliding in and out...

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