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As we hear in every short sale/foreclosure class, the banks want us to convince homeowners to do a short sale rather than walking away.  Unless and until the banks consistently approve of the "Strategic Default" it will take years to get out of this mess. The American taxpayer must have an "out",...
In my prospecting efforts I ran across a rental client who was unaware that her rental home was under Notice of Default and had a foreclosure date set.  As this young mother, with three children in tow, answered the door how could I simply walk away and not tell her the situation.  I know they sa...
I read a great post from recently on the statistical audit of who has applied for and received the homebuyer tax credit.  For those individuals who submitted a purchase offer by April 30, 2010, and was able to close their home purchase by June 30, 2010, you qualified.  As you know, it ...
  If you were hoping that the recent bill extending the filing for the $8,000 tax credit would be extended, it didn't make it off the Senate floor.  Unfortunately, the senate killed the $100Billion dollar stimulus bill which included business tax breaks, renewing the flood insurance program and f...
As a listing agent here in one of the hardest hit markets in the country I waited anxiously for the implementation of the government mandated HAFA regulations.  My hope, as with most Realtors, was that it would sreamline an at best bumpy and unpredicatable ride.  I know, I know, I was probably pu...
As I was driving through the downtown area of town last week I was amazed at how many businesses were locally owned.  These are our neighbors, family and friends who have taken the initiative to offer a product or service to their community.  Often times, at great start-up expense and huge sacrif...
I have been using Active Rain as a source of great content and comaraderie for months and have finally become a coveted "Rainmaker" member.  My name is Kathy LeRoy and I am a full-time Realtor serving the North Phoenix, Scottsdale and Cave Creek area.  I work with both Buyers and Sellers.  I am a...

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smartphone(858) 248-6528
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A day in the life of a Realtor. I write about pending legislation, buyer & seller issues facing our San Diego market. Including my specialty in short sales. With the implementation of HAFA on April 1, 2010 short sales are ever evolving and changing. I hope that through my posts my clients/customers understand the issues facing all of us in this constantly changing market. I want customers to know my commitment is to meeting their current needs. I believe my posts will show that in the San Diego/North County area I am your go-to gal. I also hope to show that my affiliation with the on-line Harris Real Estate University (HREU) shows my committment to higher learning, thereby giving me an edge on negotiating short sales. HREU believes in stressing first and foremost helping the client through these ever changing market drivers. HREU is the largest Realtor University with tens of thousands of active students nationwide. I look forward to keeping you informed of the real estate market in the San Diego/North County area and surrounding communities.