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How To Clean Your Grill For Better Tasting Food   A well-maintained grill is the key to great tasting food, season after season -- chicken, meats, fish or other.  And keeping your grill clean is simple. In this 4-minute from Lowe's, you'll learn basic, pre-grilling cleaning tricks, plus how to br...
Home Resales Boom Into The End Of The Tax Credit; Home Values Seen Rising.   Existing Home Sales rose in March, as expected. U.S. home buyers closed on 7 percent more homes as compared to February. Furthermore, versus March 2009 -- a month many people equate to the low point of the U.S. economy ...
Fight Your Real Estate Property Tax Bill Without A Lawyer More than 60 percent of U.S. homes are "over-assessed", says an industry trade group. Homeowners pay more in property taxes than they otherwise should have to.  You might be one of them. Have you considered fighting your real estate tax b...
How Iceland's Volcanoes Are Helping Mortgage Rates Fall Mortgage rates and home affordability have improved lately, thanks to an unlikely ally -- Mother Nature. In the 7 days since Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull erupted, ash clouds have grounded planes, disrupted businesses, and stranded exports in ...
Housing Starts Data Hints That Housing Will Expand Even After The Tax Credit Expires   After a strong March showing and a surprise upward-revision for February, Housing Starts are, once again, trending better. It's yet another signal that the housing market nationwide is stabilized. A Housing Sta...
Portable, Foldable Speakers Are Perfect For Your Office, Your Hotel, And The Beach   Fold-up speakers for your MP3 players?  You better believe it.  OrigAudio's eco-friendly Fold-N-Play speakers let you take your favorite playlists on the road to your office, hotel rooms and the beach. Made from ...
How To Buy Bank-Owned Homes In A Period Of Rising Inventory   Foreclosure filings rose close to 20 percent nationwide last month versus February, according to foreclosure-tracking firm RealtyTrac.com, and for the 13th straight month, total filings topped 300,000. In addition, bank repossessions r...
Why You Shouldn't Schedule Your Closing For May 28, 2010   The federal home buyer tax credit expires April 30 and the deadline is sparking a home sale surge. It figures to burden real estate, mortgage and title offices nationwide over the next 60 days so plan your closing date accordingly. Espec...
Home Renovations That Increase Your Resale Value (2010 Edition)   Not all home improvements are created equal. Especially if you're looking for "resale value" back from your work. An article from the Wall Street Journal lays it out cleanly.Function beats flash these days so be wary of where you ...
How To Keep Your Kitchen Knives Sharp If you own kitchen knives, you better keep them honed. That's because a dull knife blade not only slows you down in the kitchen, but it can be more dangerous than its ready-to-cut counterpart, too. In this brief, 2-minute video, you'll learn how to use a kni...

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