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Theory: Real estate agents help people search for the right home. Right? MYTH  As much as I do search for homes, be honest, you're searching too... 90% of the time, you don't buy the home that fits into the criteria you tell your agent anyway. No matter how much I search, it's not even probable t...
Normally I don't work a lot with strangers. But in the last month, I've had 2 people email me out of the blue and want me to list their house. Their claim is that they have found me online (duh) and they think I'm probably the best agent out there... (obviously) and they want to know if I will te...
I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day and she was telling me about how her last year had gone down. In short, she followed all the advice and did all the things... and somehow she still lost all of money and was now working towards resetting her thinking, cause none of the br...
Twelve months ago (1/6/17) I accidentally started my own brokerage. Yes, accidentally.  It started when I was looking for an answer to something, and as usual, I wanted the black and white, solid answer, not the generic response I was used to getting. “Ask your broker”. One day, I was venting thi...
Halloween is the time for Creepy CrawlersWhat better time to talk about all the things creepy and crawly, then Halloween? If you can stick with my babbling, I'll give you some good advice, promise. First of all, I hate bugs. I hate all bugs and spiders or insects... I'm sure they all have their p...
Real Estate Inspections can be a very sticky subject at times. It's important that you know, not all inspectors are the same. We're asked all the time for a "good inspector". I'd like to ask you... what is a good inspector to you? Some people qualify the inspector by the price tag or their certif...
My little newbie agent closed on her first transaction today and it just felt like the right time to start back in to my blogging. Through this transaction, we learned all about the difficulties with banks, the creativity in getting things done, the challenges and of course the drinking that may ...
I know you're wondering where you should retire to. Somewhere warm, fun, active... no stuffy little apartment for you. You want room to spread out, but not so much that everyone wants to crash at your place. Well, look no further, we have just the right home for you. Whether you're looking to mov...
Did you miss out the first time? Having regrets? Well, what are you waiting for?! Here's your opportunity to get in to the coveted Dobson Ranch lake community, located right in the heart of the Phoenix East Valley. Between the US 60 and the 101, there's nowhere in the valley you can't be within a...
For more information on this home or other homes like it, Call/Text or Email Serena Jones at 480-788-3232 | serena@serenelivingaz.com2343 E La Jolla Dr Tempe AZ 85283 I love Tempe, it's full of homes that don't fall into the normal cookie cutter home pattern that the valley has. Most of Tempe is ...

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