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I could not have said it better. Read and understand......WE'RE FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND WE'RE HERE TO HELP. . .  ALL WE WANT IS YOUR MONEY AND YOUR HOME!!  * * * * HARD CORE REAL ESTATE TALK * * * * The new Fannie Mae program to "help" home owners in trouble is, IMO, the biggest fraud to come fro...
The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly....Or Just Bad and Ugly? Something to think about:      Over the last two years or so, as we've seen the foreclosure crisis continuing to rock our country's already fragile economic stability, homeowners have been given ever increasing and new ways to stall and pre...
Today, Yahoo! News posted an article about the current state if the economy in respect to the foreclosure market. You can check the link out here: Record 12% behind or in foreclosure! This is truly a staggering figure! And to think....its only going to get worse!   I'd like to open a discussion a...
If you've been following foreclosure news, you probably already know that in the state of Ohio, lawmakers are attempting to place a 6 month moratorium on foreclosures.   This is not something new that has been invented by our "trusty" politicians looking out for the best interest of residents of ...
Here's the truth. You've been searching for it, I'm gonna give it to you! The truth is not something you want to hear. But, I'm here to give you the facts, whether you like them or not. It's my job to tell the truth, because I know the truth! If you are experiencing problems with your mortgage, b...
As the economy does its thing to correct itself, we are all very much aware of the number of unemployed out there. Good folks who lost their jobs do to downsizing, bankruptcy, and other such actions that corporations are utilizing to try to stay afloat. But are these companies making good decisio...
With all the negative attention that loan mod companies and representatives have been getting, I have to admit that I have been becoming increasingly frustrated. Everyone who is NOT a modification consultant has nearly NOTHING positive to say about loan modification companies, and it is my percep...
If you've been reading about foreclosures and loan modifications on the internet, its very likely you've come across some "warnings" regarding rescue scams. The cold hard truth is that there are people out there who are willing to take advantage. Homeowners who have nowhere else to turn will ofte...
When it comes time to find a solution to your mortgage default matter, do you do it alone, hire an attorney, or try to find some other type of help? As it has been proven time and time again, doing it alone is not the best option. Kudo's to those of you who make a go of it, but unless you underst...
It is hard enough to deal with the stress of dealing with a foreclosure. Compounded with the stressful situations that create the situation in the first place, its NO WONDER homeowners make rash decisions and poor choices when it comes to attempting to resolve their mortgage crises. If you do not...

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