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I thought this was a joke when I first saw it...  "GOOD one", I thought. Well, it is even better when it is the truth. (Isn't that really what makes humor funny after all... the truth in it?) Read for yourself:
Sales/Account Executive     Our Anaheim based graphics company is looking to add Account Executives to expand our business.  If you have a minimum of 3 years sales experience with a proven track record of developing leads, referrals and closing larger sales in the $10K to $50+K range, we are inte...
Can You Time a Lock to Your Advantage? May 30, 2011   Home mortgage prices are based on the secondary market prices of mortgage-backed securities (MBSs), but changes in MBS prices seldom impact mortgage prices immediately. Typically, mortgage lenders set the prices they deliver to their loan offi...
  Follow Me On:         Sheila GoulartPresident & Senior Loan ConsultantSynergy Financial Group Inc.Phone: (949)388-9254 x101Fax: (949)388-9372License:   Interest Rates Change Daily Interest rates change constantly, but it is important to know th...
I love it when something as big as escrow that we Realtors, lenders and other industry partners all handle ON BEHALF OF our clients day in and day out is so nicely constructed into detail that calms the nerves of our clients and explains my thoughts so nicely.  Homebuying is a process.  It is a S...
BLAH  BLAH  BLAH -  BLOG!!! I find that I am getting a lot of my blogging topics from responding to other blog posts.  When I read a thoughtful and relevant blog post by someone else, my resulting thought process and response often generate another thread in my head (hey! that rhymes!) and I can ...
I LOVE this post and would re-blog it daily if it would not cause every one to unsubscribe to my blog for my lack of creativity! :)  We can all learn to listen and HEAR what our clients are saying.  This congruity in HOW we are helping our clients (actually doing what is best for them and counsel...
It must be the big banks pouring the Kool-Aid and providing the tables, sign and plastic cups with the big real estate agencies selling it roadside. I have had THREE people bring up DIRECT LENDING over BROKERS in the last two days?! Where was I when direct lending came bank?  Did I miss when FNMA...
OK!  So first I learned what a blog was, and then I sat and watched a blank screen, on and off for OH- about a YEAR!  It finally occurred to me to JUST DO IT!  So, this is my first ever BLOG!  I hear a drum roll...  Or maybe someone just started a lawnmower....  Either way, I'm doing it!  Look mo...

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