How to Deal with Clients that have Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget Show them the differences in their price point versus what is offered in higher-end homes. Try to be understanding and educate them on the differences of materials and why this material may cost more than the standard. Be precise...
Due to the housing market and also a buyer's market, first time homebuyers feel that they can ask for the sun, moon and stars. A lot of first time homebuyers are not educated on what is available in certain home price points.  Most starter homes come with: Standard cabinetry Standard flooring (vi...
Recently, I have heard from a lot of buyers that their loan officer has advised them not to sign a Buyer's Brokerage Agreement. The question I asked them was why would you take advice from someone that does not specialize in Real Estate and may not know all of the real estate laws. They didn't ha...

Shamica Davis

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