Are we all cried out yet?   Are we still quivering in the corner mumbling about the good old days when we could spam the "Real Esate for Sale" section with anything but a specific listing to maximize our lead capture ability?  Well-- Craig Newmark put his foot down loudly, but all is not lost.  W...
You are gonna DROOLIA when you learn what free stuff TRULIA, has to offer YOULIA.  You heard me-- and I'm not talking about Zillow or, but Trulia. Trulia generates 35 MILLION consumer visits to their website every month-- (15 million on mobile! ) and they let any agent create a free p...
We're finally back in a seller's market and listings are as glorious and elusive as ever.  So it's no wonder why agents everywhere are scrambling for ways to generate more seller leads to pump up their business... but then that leads to the inevitable.  Once I get these suckers... how the heck do...
Step aside Beyonce.  There's a new and improved type of "single" out there: Single Agents! That's right-- I'm talking about the thousands of you making it on your own... and rocking it! As you well know, finding success as a single agent is no accident.  Finding the time to prospect, work your cu...
Yes this is about my beloved Seahawks... and our greatness... but it's also about real estate success... you'll see. Driving to home from work yesterday listening to my Seattle sports talk radio show, the announcer was interviewing an ex-pro bowler and asking him to take us into the minds of the ...
The holidays are in full swing and we’re quickly checking off our Christmas shopping list, post-poning our workout sessions and replacing them with making fudge and cookies and pretty much defining what it is to be a glutton.   This is a happy time of year where we want to celebrate our successes...

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