When trying to advance your career or make your next move, the importance of networking cannot be overstated. There is a reason people pay to go to networking events, after all. Property management is no different. Getting to know landlords in your area can not only help you improve your immediat...
Whether you’re trying to flip an investment property or looking to increase rent and maximize your revenue stream, there are numerous ways for property managers to bolster a home or apartment’s market value. While some certainly require a decent amount of time and money, there are other options f...
As digital searches increase and consumers become decidedly more connected to the Internet, finding ways to improve your rental website is more important than ever.The Housing Search Begins Offline, but Quickly Moves Online“For Rent” yard signs and external marketing are still great ways to get y...
COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, has caused unease around the world. A health crisis has compounded into an economic crisis, and, as a result, many families are unsure where their next paycheck will come from. To help Americans keep food on the table and cover their expenses, the fe...
eCommerce is an exploding industry.  Merchants and consumers love the convenience of online shopping, and that convenience shouldn’t stop at retail.  Here’s five reasons you, a landlord, should think about offering online credit card payments too.1. Convenience for your tenantsA rental payment is...

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