If you’re wondering how to increase your return on property investment, there’s assuredly something you haven’t tapped into yet. Potential opportunities to increase revenue are often overlooked and rarely maximized.  Whether you’re a veteran landlord with multiple properties or a greenhorn still ...
Whether it takes place over a day or over a week, handling all the various tasks of moving out your former tenants and new tenants in is a complicated and tiring process. Furniture needs to be moved, keys need to be collected, and damages need to be assessed, all on a tight deadline. Here are a f...
Fundamentally, a lease agreement is a legal contract that ensures access to a rental property in exchange for payment. The things the tenant can and cannot do with that property, the terms of payment, and the responsibilities of each party are all defined in the lease agreement.Leases can range d...
Depending on your location, renting garage space is a great and reliable form of extra revenue, especially in light of the high demand for long-term parking in urban areas. Whether you’re considering opening up your property’s garage to potential renters, looking at investing in a property with a...

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