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Discussions and examples of real life real estate marketing in action. I'm interested in what modern real estate agents are ACTUALLY doing to market themselves and what is working for them. I highlight examples and concepts that are interesting and innovative, particularly in Facebook.
Facebook is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing plan of many real estate agents.  Yet, Facebook marketing comes with some inherent risk. Mainly, you don't control the site. You put a lot of information into the site, but should you be in violation of the terms of service (you...
When I started with my Pixel Coaching December Tip-A-Day program on December 1st, I had no idea that Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, would be named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. This nod to the leader of Facebook not only speaks to the impact that Facebook has on the current culture, ...
I just released a new post over at Agent Applause where I praised REALTOR Megan Ruiz for her integration of the Constant Contact Facebook app with her Facebook business page.  Here is what visitors see when they first go to her page: Megan does several things right here: She has a system (Constan...
I often find that Realtors are confused about how to best build business with Facebook.  The confusion stems from the fact that as a user, Facebook is a very easy platform to navigate.  It isn't hard to figure out how to create an account, connect with friends, and socialize - 500 million+ people...
I've just returned from speaking at RE BlogWorld where I (and Ricardo Bueno) presented on Innovative Real Estate Blogs and Their Secret Plugins.  In the presentation, we highlighted 27 real estate blogs, all built in Wordpress, that serve as great examples for real estate agents as well as mortga...
I wanted to invite you all to RE BarCamp Orange County!  Hard to believe that our event is next week (August 19th, 2010).  If you are a Realtor in Southern California, you won't want to miss it.  We've got a great venue at UC Irvine, an outstanding group of active participants (including some Ac...
At the recent Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in San Francisco, Wordpress continued to gain visibility as the modern platform for real estate websites.  A full half day workshop was dedicated to the platform and it's use in the real estate space.  Over at Agent Applause, I'm continually on ...
Having been an active Realtor at Surterre Properties in Newport Beach I was familiar with the innovative Best Buys Program that the brokerage initiated several years back.  But, it was the gorgeous design of the email that arrived in my inbox (pictured below) that promted me to craft the lastest ...
Realtor Dale Chumbley started his Facebook Fan Page on February 17th, 2010.  Today is March 4, 2010.  That means in 16 days, Dale has managed to attract 7,060 fans (as of this moment) to his Facebook fan page.  Amazing!  And the growth does not seem to be slowing.  I wrote a post on his strategy ...
The second I saw Kathy Sperl-Bell's website I knew it was a brilliant example of modern agent niche marketing.  The focus of her website is outstanding and speaks so clearly to her consumer.  I critique her site further in my article Realtor Blog Reflects Outstanding Niche...

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