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General thoughts and ideas on the real estate market and area of Hampton Roads Virginia, including the cities of: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hampton and Newport News.
Thank you Jan Haworth for being the BEST Broker in Hampton Roads. Your door is always open & we all appreciate that. You are my true MENTOR. Any new agents or seasoned agents if you want the best broker Jan Haworth, the best in house trainer Tina Merritt  & the best in house loan officer Justin W...
I want to start by saying I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I am fortunate to live in the neighborhood for the last 11 years where I was raised. I have fond memories of just going outside to play in my neighborhood, that's what we did back then. As a child I was safe in my little cocoon of a neighborhood, ...
Home sales by Sharon here. Have you ever heard the city or Portsmouth Va. pronounced Porchmouth?? I can remember when I was a child asking my mom why she pronounced Portsmouth "PORCHMOUTH". She lovingly said, well child Portsmouth is the back porch to Norfolk. Please no disrespect to Portsmouth n...

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