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Originally slated to take place tomorrow, March 20th, Escondido Recreation's first annual "Families on Foot" has been RESCHEDULED to take place October 23rd.  "Families on Foot" is a 1 mile/2 mile run/walk event to support Escondido's youth with health and wellness programs through Escondido Recr...
Here's the latest report on the Escondido real estate market.  The table below is just a very small part of the overall picture for Escondido.  As you can see, there is a wide variation within Escondido, and if the statistics keepers really broke it down to subdivision, the numbers would vary eve...
Local contractor will repair potholes for free Last week I was watching one of Escondido's televised City Council meetings, when a local citizen got up to give his opinion about budget cuts that were being considered.  His comments included rather humorous complaints about whether the city even h...
 Do you recognize this house?  No, that's not a mistake you're looking at here.  "No Picture Available" is something I'm seeing lots of these days as I search the MLS for my clients.  You've probably come across it as well.  It's the sign of "Bad Agent Syndrome".  It causes endless frustration fo...
There's a delicious new reason to come to Escondido.  Tango Restaurant & Wine Bar is now open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Tango is located on beautiful Grand Avenue in the heart of historic Escondido.    Executive Chef Russell Hawkins provides his guests with an exceptional culinary experi...
January 24th is National Just Do It Day. Who declared it as such?  I don't know.  Whoever it is, they just did it!Haven't done a good deed yet this month? JUST DO IT! Have you been putting off a difficult task? Do a good deed for yourself and JUST DO IT!Been sitting on the fence, waiting for just...
The recent Southern California fires had a number of causes; a long drought, a particularly fierce Santa Ana wind that lasted longer than usual, and a few idiot yahoos who thought they'd express their inner anger at society by running around starting fires at the worst possible time.   Did these ...
I've had a rough week, being a San Diego County resident, and I'm cross-eyed and worn out with all the stuff we've been dealing with.  Humor can sometimes help when life throws bad stuff at you.  I decided to take a break from the recovery process and do something to laugh a little.  If you're in...
As soon as the sun set last night, the Santa Ana winds picked up to hurricane force, howling across our attic, whistling in through our windows, and straining against our garage doors.  I tried to sleep, but I grew more and more uneasy as I looked at the night sky.  The brown smoky layer reflecte...
Here's a photo I took today of the smoke from a distant fire accumulating over the rolling hills surrounding Lake Hodges in Escondido.  There are two fires burning in the eastern part of San Diego County, and the Santa Ana winds are carrying the smoke westward.   Smoke from the fire was visible i...

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