I love Thanksgiving and all it stands for. Being Thankful for life and all it's blessings. Some of us have more to be Thankful for than others and it is always rewarding to reach out to those in a tough spot in life. I volunteer with a charity called "Midwest Challenge"(MWC). It is a faith based ...
The 70's were a great decade for many of us. Can you say "Disco"? How about "love the water-bed". But when selling a house the 70's is not the best "flash from the past". This townhome in Rosemount, MN got a quick ride on a time machine so it can now compete for a modern 2010 buyer. Selling a hom...
I stepped out of my comfort zone totally for this "Pay It Forward". I visited someone in prison. I had gotten to know this gentleman while volunteering with an organization that works with men coming out of treatment and prison to turn their lives around. I met Fred a couple years ago and he alwa...
Last night I went to dinner wearing a short sleeve shirt with a light jean jacket. Tuesday I was in Flip Flops and my husband was golfing. This is what I was greeted with when I woke up:     It is is is tranquil. It can be Spring now.  
I think an extremely simple "Pay It Forward" gesture to a Veteran today shocked him, how sad. I ran into the grocery store to pick something up and I passed a very elderly gentleman walking stooped over and with a bad limp. He was wearing his VFW hat and all his pins on his shirt. He was so cute....
The Social Room at this large apartment complex in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN is done! Do you think we can rent it for a party?? Oh, I guess we have to be a tenant. I was hired to Redesign a new social room for one of the properties of a large management company. After gutting and redesigning th...
I have been wanting to Pay it Forward at the Drive-Thru for months and I finally did it today. The Drive-Thru where it happened was Star Bucks. I had to wait a bit to make sure a car would pull in behind me, then I went ahead to place my order at the microphone. I saw that in the car behind me wa...


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