Happy Easter Everyone! How will you spend your day?   I love Easter. I love the jelly beans, the malted milk-ball Easter Eggs, the official start of being able to wear white shoes (that is a lesson from my small town upbringing), and of course the Easter Bunny.     But I especially love the Rejoi...
Making Artwork - Is It As Easy as It Looks on TV? Home Staging and Redesign Tips in Minneapolis, MN   That's what I wanted to know. I am a skeptic of sorts and I watch Home Staging and Redesign shows on TV on which they make their own artwork. They always say it is so easy. But is it? And of cour...
  Inexpensive Redesign Tips - Redesign in Minneapolis, MN   A client asked for my help in jazzing up her living room. She had great basic pieces but wasn't sure what else to do. Before: The space was light and airy which was great. The monochromatic scheme is very tranquil but she wanted a change...
How to Create an Outdoor Living Space: Ideas and Inspiration. (Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN)  In my personal opinion outdoor square footage is as valuable as the indoor square footage in the Spring, Summer and Fall. It is a space so valuable to me I can't imagine not making it as coz...
When Staging a Home Keep the Targeted Buyer in Mind. Doing so is extremely important and can determine success or failure with the Home Staging. Am I staging a downtown loft or a home in the suburbs? Who lives in this neighborhood? These are some of the questions I ask myself. Point in fact: When...

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