Pumpkin on My Face? Chocolate on My Back?? I subscribe to all those online coupon places such as Groupon, KGB Deals, Blind Squirrel, etc. A couple weeks ago I bought a Pumpkin-Latte Facial. Yup, Pumpkin-Latte Facial. Sounds yummy right? I buy Pumpkin Spice Latte's all the time during the Fall of ...
  Help! I Can't Get My Little Girl to Give Up Her Pacifier...and She's Almost 6 Yrs Old!       Yup, still has it. Sally, carries it everywhere!! And she gets very crabby if you try taking it away!     Hope this brought you a smile today!    
I Finally Did It!! Yup....all this time of being anxious. Feeling like I wouldn't be adequate. That I wouldn't know what to do. That I wouldn't be good enough. But, I did it thanks to help from my good friend Laura Baker!! I Got A TWITTER ACCOUNT! Want to follow me? Can I follow you? Doesn't that...
Excuse my language but one of the first things the investor said when he called me was, "I am trying to polish a turd". Well, okay. I can't say I had ever done that before but I was up for the challenge!  Home Staging was new to this investor but he felt he needed some help on this vacant investm...
I LOVE Getting Emails Like This! - Home Staging in Burnsville, MN "Dear Shar: Here is a very belated thank you for your assistance with staging our house back in February. I was dubious when our real estate agent suggested staging. I was worried it would add more stress to an already stressful si...


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This blog will show great examples of home staging and redesign as well as inform you about great things in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN greater community. You'll get to know more about Rooms With Style, the type of home staging and redesign work we do, as well as get to know the owner, Shar Sitter, a little better.