Pumpkin on My Face? Chocolate on My Back?? I subscribe to all those online coupon places such as Groupon, KGB Deals, Blind Squirrel, etc. A couple weeks ago I bought a Pumpkin-Latte Facial. Yup, Pumpkin-Latte Facial. Sounds yummy right? I buy Pumpkin Spice Latte's all the time during the Fall of ...
  Help! I Can't Get My Little Girl to Give Up Her Pacifier...and She's Almost 6 Yrs Old!       Yup, still has it. Sally, carries it everywhere!! And she gets very crabby if you try taking it away!     Hope this brought you a smile today!    
I Finally Did It!! Yup....all this time of being anxious. Feeling like I wouldn't be adequate. That I wouldn't know what to do. That I wouldn't be good enough. But, I did it thanks to help from my good friend Laura Baker!! I Got A TWITTER ACCOUNT! Want to follow me? Can I follow you? Doesn't that...
Excuse my language but one of the first things the investor said when he called me was, "I am trying to polish a turd". Well, okay. I can't say I had ever done that before but I was up for the challenge!  Home Staging was new to this investor but he felt he needed some help on this vacant investm...
I LOVE Getting Emails Like This! - Home Staging in Burnsville, MN "Dear Shar: Here is a very belated thank you for your assistance with staging our house back in February. I was dubious when our real estate agent suggested staging. I was worried it would add more stress to an already stressful si...

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