In my first two posts in this Curb Appeal series I address Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips as well as Moderately Priced Improvements. Now I want to address those that are more expensive.Almost everyone needs to do the Inexpensive Improvements if they are selling their home or as regular maintenance ...
On my last post I gave a list of some Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips. There are some improvements that you will need to make to your home, whether living or staying that will have huge impact and still be reasonable.1) Replace Exterior Light Fixtures: If the fixtures are tarnished, faded or bright ...
Yes it happens, buyers pull up in a driveway and don't even go inside. They don't like the looks of what they see.You want to make your buyer is excited to get out of the car!Most importantly, you don't want the buyer discounting the price before they even get in the door.There are inexpensive th...

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