Here are some Home Staging Statistics you will love, just in time for Valentines Day! In the most recent study of  634 homes (both vacant and occupied), done by the Real Estate Staging Association, they found that: Un-staged homes spent an average of 107 days on the market. After staging, these...
 You may never have thought of this but when you go to sell your home you should. This is the first way a potential buyer will see your home.....through the eye of a camera lens. That MLS photo is small yet it is capturing an entire room. What will the buyer see in that photo? Will they see your ...
What is a 'themed' house and is it okay? A themed house is one that fits a very specific decorating motif. Such as a beach theme, or a desert theme. Is it okay to have one? Absolutely! Unless you are selling your home. Then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you are selling, the theme...

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