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Good morning everyone, I came across an interesting article that has some good ideas in it. And I was going to share it with you, but I wanted to add a little of my own info as well. Increasingly people are hearing about what great deals you can get at the foreclosure auction, but most people don...
Hi Everyone,   I am in the process of writing a book, it's a book that may never see the eyes of anyone but me, but I feel like it's the right thing for me to be doing right now. I was working on the outline of a chapter and started writing some thoughts down and it turned into something more, so...
Why is a housing downturn a good thing?   This is an interesting question, and one that is not too difficult to answer, but it takes some understanding. For many years we saw house prices soaring, and with that an increasing number of people started buying homes, some because of the availability ...
Yesterday I wrote briefly about inventory and that it also was a major contributor to the downturn today I'm going to talk about the role that speculative building took in increasing our inventory. With the advent of the Spec Home, as I call it people started to see some really great things happe...
There is increased speculation over the fate of Home Prices, will they go up, will they go down, will they stay the same? Economists have started playing a game of he said/she said, some saying that the bottom will occur sometime next year, and others saying that 2012 will be the bottom. I'm with...
I received an email from a close friend and in it he mentioned that "they" (whoever they are) are saying that we are officially in a recession, which is interesting because if you have been listening to the news in the last 6-8 months you would think that we are long into one already, all that sa...
I was headed out to Tooele (about 50 miles from my home) to pick up my car from the shop, (long story that involves me backing into the end of a railroad track, it's hard to explain)and I was listening to the radio, which is not something that I frequently do and heard all the negativity surround...
I just had a coaching session with a student of mine and we went over a few things, she is relatively new in the business and has had some difficulty deciding how much business she would like to do, she is pretty timid and afraid that she may be "thinking too big" (to which I replied, "there's no...
Good Morning. I have seen a certain trend developing in our industry which some would consider disturbing, I myself see it as a sign of opportunity. There's an old saying in the investment world which goes something like this, "when everybody else is getting out, get in. And when everybody else i...
I am just looking at doing a quick post today, I may rant later about this same topic, but it's something that has been on my mind these past few weeks, It seems that we are deluged with news stories telling us that our careers as Real Estate Professionals are collectively over, that the housing ...

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