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Tired of the story yet?  An openly Christian and God-believing athlete gets a lot of press for NOT being a tattoo wearing, self-absorbed, mecca for stories about how many men or women he slept with and how many performance enhancing drugs he didn't do ... it has all the 'Elements' of someone bein...
I've read time and again the community outreach to Clint Miller.  Just one of the many wonderful things around here. That written, come on Lance.  How about a beer with Clint?I have shared some amazing real estate training tips and have changed many real estate agents businesses and careers.  Rig...
Philosophically, I have a pretty simple general take on this gig called life.  Leave it better than you entered it.  While I'm pretty sure if I tipped the scales and died tomorrow, there would be at least two folks other than my immediate family who would attend my funeral and give me a righteous...
Night was dark, as it usually is.  The preceding day was filled with possibility both endless and present.  And then I came across a post that posed some pretty interesting, if not totally cliche-like questions, one can ask them self.  This post came from the ultra-liberal Nicholas Goglucci.  Don...
I suppose we are upon the season where we extend our gratitude to what we are thankful for.  Despite any historical reality of the matter you may have, the general concept is good.  Be thankful for the food you eat, the family you keep, and the hours to go before you sleep.  And then a dream wal...
Okay, I'm a Political Junkie.  True story: When I quit the Mortgage Biz because the company I had worked with went under and it was decided to try to melt into a Mortgage Banker whose level of service reminded me of treating jock itch with sandpaper, I walked out.  But I needed some sort of incom...
I hate polls.  Okay, hate is a strong term.  "Dislike" is probably more appropriate and accurate.  One of the reasons I dislike polls is not only because I've rarely been asked to participate in them without having a chance to win an IPhone and the opportunity to read 50 emails in the morning fro...
I scare myself at times because I'm a pretty open minded chap.  One school of thought may say I have no principles and can be easily persuaded to something other than what I actually believe.  To that school of thought, Screw Off~! But I am open minded and want to learn and evolve and (God Forbid...
When all the Ills of Mankind are cured, we will no longer be mankind as we know it.  We'll be that "better place after you're away from this one" type of deal.  ~Gunther "FREAKING" Moses~ :) I don't re-blog a lot, but Nick (can't believe that bearded bastard inspired me), inspired me. Leave it to...
The Thunder Roars, the Sky Pours ... I don't mind too much being in Charlotte. Boxes kept, leaving in their way boxes left, I kind of like being in Charlotte. Light of the Sky, the Because to the Why, I shall stay in Charlotte. Maybe Charlotte will stay with me. If not, I still have dreams of cer...


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