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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
I came home from Egypt a bit sick and struggling to kick a cough. Yesterday was difficult but I paid attention, had chicken soup and got a lot of sleep so today is a bit better. My little pup Chico is suffering from what appears to be cancer on his lower jaw. I am struggling with what to do to he...
Yesterday, I left Egypt and returned home after ten glorious days of learning about, and reveling in a culture not unlike my own. I hadn't thought much about going to Egypt but when this opportunity presented itself I jumped on it and I am so glad I did. My guide, Neveen, was extraordinary: knowl...
I just got home after two weeks away. It is like sliding into me base. I am dirty and worn but happt to here. I left Cairo this morning where it was 80. It is cold here and there are 20 inches of snow here. I will share more of my trip later but for now, it is just good to be home.
There are many places in the world where jaws drop and you feel as if you are in another time. Abu Simbel Temple is one. This required special effort to see because getting there was timely and tough, but then.......the magic begun. It is impossible to describe the enormity  of the place or the f...
It started at 3 AM. We left Cairo at 4:30 and reached the airport about 5AM. The flight to Aswar 600 miles south of  Cairo left at 7:00 AM and we arrived at just before 8:30. So it was a short flight but uncomfortable. I am used to fling in Business and was anything but. In any event, Once there ...
I am not the late Charles Kuralt, not I am on the road again. This time I am pretty sure you can guess where I am. It is cold in Massachusetts and snowy, but here in Cairo, it is lovely. It is just the beginning of their winter but absolutely perfect: sunny, no humidity, and high 70's. I saw many...
Small business is something I know and experience all the time. I live in America's best known small town where Norman Rockwell, lived, worked and embraced. My down town is only a few blocks and is essentially the same as it was 100 years ago.In every season there is something to do but everythin...
I travel a lot and it is never easy. Sitting at the airport waiting stinks, but at least it means I have cleared Customs and will one day be airborne. One day, long after I am gone I fear, things maybe more consistent and smooth. But until then travel is certainly a b_itch. I am in a small lounge...
Earlier today I went to the Post Office. In my town there is no mail delivery so I go almost every day. This morning a woman stopped me. She said, " I know I am on many lists, but this one takes the case." It was a a request from the National Greek Blind Association for a donation. We both laughe...
If there has been one very important and sustaining thread in and over the course of my life it has been the pets I have had. Gratitude alone doesn't begin to explain it. I am lucky to be able to love and be loved by the dogs I have been blessed to have as my family. As I write this I have tears ...

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