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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
I had many many things to do this morning: both personal and professional. I was out early and I am now home, in and ready to tackle paperwork that I have postponed for weeks. It is going to be nice today after the downpour of last night. I may even start to bring some plants in. So my day is set...
The Tanglewood season ended yesterday. I have a lot to going on in my real life and in my and around the yard but for now, I am home and happy. That is the magical thing about being home: it is generally our special, comfortable and inviting place where the world is not, or can not hurt us. There...
For the last two years I have had a space at a local Antique Gallery where I work on Sundays. This is coming to an end for me this month. The owner is moving and didn't tell me. I no longer feel good there, and once trust is gone , for me it is over. Because I didn't know she was moving the busin...
I love the fall: it is my favorite season of all time and today is the beginning of meteorological fall. For me this month, this year is also significant because I have to totally liquidate the space I have created in the Antique Gallery where I have worked for two years. It is a really big job b...
It is an old story. I broke my glasses and went in for an exam only to find I wasn't a candidate for lasik and my progressives were going to cost me. I brought in an antique gold frame only to have it broken by a technician. I found an inexpensive frame for about $350 and should be up and running...
The one thing that was plentiful when I bought my new very old house in the Berkshires eight years ago was the forsythia. I have three areas where it grows, grows and grows some more. I like a natural look but it does require attention lest it envelope the entire yard and home. Keeping the height...
Today is a new chance to begin, to thrive and to find some degree of success. Yesterday was simply one of those days when everything that seemed to happen was bad, really bad. I won't dwell on that now because the sun came up today and I am alive. I will soon be at the eye doctor for my annual ex...
I had hope to see Gladys Knight at Tanglewood tonight but it is raining and the inside is sold out. I am bummed. It's been a tough day all around and so maybe I am better off at home. This was going to be my one night to be a guest this season. Some days it is better to just stay in bed. I think ...
I have had some interest in a table and chairs I acquired for my space at the Antique Gallery before knowing it would be closing. I am meeting a prospective buyer before the shop opens and hopefully will get this done today. If this guy doesn't buy, there is someone else interested but without th...
Everyday is a challenge and and an opportunity as well. I am dealing with multiple challenges now that are eminent and require a lot of physical struggles along with more focus than I have needed in years. I am liquidating my space at the antique gallery where I have also worked for two years. Th...

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