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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
Since moving from my space at a local antique gallery I have been selling my antiques and collectibles online. I was surprised to find that most of my sales have been by mail, to folks who didn't live locally. This morning I am selling to someone who is coming to pick up something. It is nice and...
In the last month I have found three different dogs that needed homes and I applied to adopt them. The first two were unsuccessful. Neither dog was young but both were cute. Last week I found and applied for a senior dog whose owner died. I was hopeful but not foolish. I have excellent references...
I will deal today with a rejected claim from my Medicare provider. It is so time consuming to provide the required paperwork initially, I can't imagine the appeal process. I wish it were automatic and on the provider but alas it is not. When a provider screws up they suffer no consequence but if ...
I have been busy cleaning up my yard for a month now. I have thousands of day lilies that need to be cut back and had about 75 annuals as well. Cutting back, cleaning up and reusing dirt is a lot of work. I have cleaned my pots and statuary and brought the hoses in. It is cold now and raining and...
It is cold outside this morning but I worked in short sleeves. I have about finished up in my yard and have only the washed pots and hoses to bring in now. Later this week I expect my lawn guy will come for the remainder of the leaves. It feels good to be done. I can't wait to get the last of the...
I just spent three hours in my yard trying to finish my part of the fall cleaning. I am not done but I am done in so the remainder waits till tomorrow. The work is hard and while I am strong I am no longer as young as I once was. I have learned about limits and I am sticking to them today. Now of...
If you follow me, you know I am an avid animal advocate and lover. If you don't know me at all I am the proud parent of three rescue dogs. About three months ago I lost Billy the Kid, who had been my best boy for 10 and a half years. I was and am still devastated, but I knew that there would come...
I live in western Massachusetts and the Nor'easter we are experiencing is no joke. Fortunately, I completed most of my fall clean up before last night. There are tree limbs down in my yard and I'm guessing all around. The wind is really blowing and I won't be out today. No kidding...............
All week the weather forecasters have predicted a Nor'easter for later today and into tomorrow. I actually will be OK with it, but needed to get some more plants out and go to the dump. I just spent two hours in my yard doing just that but I could spent another three hours and not be done. I can'...
I can't remember the last time I had such a good and productive day. I had errands to run, things to attend to, a bunch of items from my online business to have weighed, a call from a new friend that was wonderful, and a haircut to get done. I finally got a call back from a QVC manager that I wai...

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