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For those of you who have a Myers mortgage website, you have probably heard, Myers is discontinuing service to mortgage and real estate websites as of September 1st. We of course are here to make the switch as painless an quick as possible! We can host your mortgage website and email, and offer a...
Real Estate professional's online strategies vary, but one rule remains constant: If you only offer a blog and/or social media websites, your online credibility suffers.  Branding yourself as an individual is important, and offering valuable information to viewers helps, but the final step in gai...
As a partner of Mortgage Success Source, we get to offer you $150 off your Mastery Business Plan! Discount code is MORSYSTEMS Don't miss out this year, be armed with YOUR business plan for 2012 and act on it! The MorSystems Team Mastery Business Plan: Create lasting memories and gain new ideas a...
Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, and 90 percent of all skin cancers are caused by sun overexposure. Put your hats on in the sun along with uva/uvb sunscreen over 30 spf, and re-apply every 2 hours no matter what the bottle says. See if the headwear association will be near you tomor...
Knowing the details of your website traffic is a must, especially to track the results of a marketing campaign. As a mortgage website provider, I must say that we too use this amazing tool to track our website traffic, and recommend it to our clients. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is...
So if you're on activerain there's a good chance you've thought about email marketing but maybe you just didn't know the benefits. I'm here to tell you, email marketing brings me more roi than any postcard, magazine ad or tradeshow I've ever done.  Companies like iContact and Constant Contact mak...
If Your Email Were A Novel by Mike May Writers embarking on a new work do not just sit down at a keyboard and start pecking out the great American novel. Storytelling is a craft, and the act of actually writing a novel is usually preceded by months of researching, planning, sketching and vetting....
Mind Your Business: Does This Website Make Me Look Fat? APRIL 4, 2011 | By Jeanette Mulvey, BusinessNewsDaily Managing Editor There are certain questions you already know the answer to before you even ask. Do these pants make me look fat? Is my new haircut too short? What do you think of our new ...
With all that is currently happening to mortgage brokers, loan officers, lenders, and legislation, you must take a few steps now to possibly save your client base in the future. I see a trend with loan officers where they have to change mortgage brokers, switch companies, or join a branch. What h...
Companies know that it costs less to retain a current client than it is to obtain a new client.The same goes for referral partners! How do you help retain your current referral partner relationships? No really, I want to know! Here are some of my suggestions: Your referral partners need to feel r...

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