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Is your house too big and lonely for you right now but you still love living there and aren’t ready to move? Could you use some extra income to help pay the bills? Does having someone else around the house sound good? Fill your empty nest with Silvernest!Find your perfect housemate with this uniq...
The final walkthrough is when the whole homebuying process comes full circle and you usually end as you started… most of the time with only the buyers and their Realtor present in their new home. It takes place shortly before closing, and is when buyers check to make sure agreed upon repairs have...
I always expect a question from one client is an indication of many more people with the same unasked question. So when I got a call today asking me how long appliances last, I figured it was time to publish a list. Of course always keep in mind that the quality of your appliances and mechanicals...
If you are a Millennial and it seems like all your friends are suddenly buying homes you are not alone, especially if you are an Older Millennial (age 26-35). The median first-time home buyer is 32 years old with a household income of $72,000.Entering the ‘Responsibility Zone’ Millennials (age 17...
The Minneapolis Park System was again ranked #1 in America in 2017… Minneapolis was also ranked the fittest city in the USA and the most bike friendly city… and Minnesota was ranked the least stressful state in the country. These all help explain why Minneapolis was also ranked the best city in t...
The question of when to hang the SOLD sign on a property can be answered in different ways by different real estate agents… and that is part of the reason buyers are so often confused about whether a property is still available.My answer…The sold sign goes up when you have a fully executed purcha...
When you buy a condo or townhouse your association likely has a master insurance policy that covers the whole complex. Although it usually includes coverage for individual units it is typically what is referred to as “walls out” coverage. That means while the exterior of your unit and common area...
Twin home or townhouse or duplex? You can’t tell by looking at a property if it is a twin home or a 2-unit town home or a duplex… because it is about the form of ownership rather the structure of the building. The property in the photo above could be any of the three, because they all have a shar...
Our son was ecstatic when he called to tell me that instead of going out and buying a new circular saw for his latest home improvement project he just went to the Minnesota Tool Library and checked one out for a week!  Membership only cost him $55… and he gets to pick check out all the tools he n...
  We transition through many changes in our lifetime, many of which are also reflected in our housing life cycle. Thanks to insights gained from transitions life coach Beata Rydeen, I have learned to think about  life changes as part our life spiral. The spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and ...

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