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Informative narratives on many subjects, from home maintenance tips to issues of common concern to home inspectors and real estate agents.
Do you remember, as a child, looking up into the sky and asking yourself the question, "Where does space end?"  Nobody other than a physicist can come even close to answering that question, and even they have difficulty explaining what, if anything, lies beyond the theoretical end of space.  For ...
As an old Mississippi State Bulldogs Athletic Supporter, I have made many a trip to Starkville, Ms in my lifetime, and over the years I have noticed some distinct game personality traits unique to the fans of individual SEC schools.  Now, this is likely to raise a stink with some folks, so let me...
I thought some might be interested in some pics of a log cabin I inspected recently.  For reasons that will become obvious, the client declined the full inspection after one trip around the exterior.  Rotate pics 1, 3, & 5 to the right in yer head.  The title of this blog was the title of the lis...
Well, I have strained my brain thinking of something that all realtors and home inspectors have in common, and I think I've come up with it:  Fear of lawsuits.  Once I honed in on that, what followed was a cognitive leap past ethics, and I came up with this:The Lawyer's Prayer The law is my meal ...
It seems to me that the more I see out there, the more I become convinced that the level of carpentry skills has gradually been decreasing.  Short cutting, inability to accurately cut correct angles in roof construction.  I am speaking mainly of general framing skills, as custom cabinetry and tri...
    In today's economy, many people have become energy conscious.  In order to save on those monthly energy bills, homeowners have come up with some creative ways to seal off their homes from the elements.  Unfortunately, some of the common methods being employed are actually detrimental to the h...
Here's a brain teaser for home inspectors or anyone else who wants to take a stab. This has to do with roofing and attic.The home is 8 years old.There are a few nail pops in the roof covering, but not enough to cause concern.The roof covering is asphalt shingles in good condition.The sheathing is...
There's a new group on Active Rain catering to all things Southern. Come and share your recipes, memories, and Southerness.  For displaced Southerners, it's the next best thing to coming home!  And you folks what's Yankees, well, Y'all are more than welcome to come and share some Southern hospita...
     Moisture intrusion is by far your home's worst enemy!  Moisture can attack a home from any location imaginable and cause damage to wood structural members, masonry, flooring, wall coverings, stucco, roof sheathing and covering, exterior siding....the list goes on and on.  Moisture intrusion ...

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Informative narratives on many subjects, from home maintenance tips to issues of common concern to home inspectors and real estate agents.