Artwork is one of the more expensive items in our decorative inventory at Shift due to the costs required to acquire, the safe storage space it often takes up and the need for safe transport to a home staging job (particularly those paintings that have a large sheet of glass on the face of the pi...
There seems to be an interesting trend in recent blogs discussing stagers owning their own inventory, a topic quite close to my staging heart. There is absolutely no question that it is imperative for a stager to have access to good quality items to place in our client's homes, a point well summe...
 An interesting question was raised recently by a colleague in the Staging Diva forum on the issue of following up work from prospects we have met or spoken with on the phone, but have not heard back from in some time. This really got me thinking about the issue, is it a good thing or a bad thing...
 I recently helped a client set up a a home for a short term rental, one month to be exact. These jobs are quite simple to effect as the client usually has a property lined up and all I need to do is arrange the rental furniture, whitegoods and kitchenware.On this occasion I used a different supp...
The chance to stage an empty property is always an exciting one, you have a fresh canvas to start from and no real hinderance or theme that you have to work from. I recently worked on one of these properties which was an empty apartment in inner Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.The difficult thing...
I find it interesting reading all the blogs on this terrific site about what agents are looking for when it comes to staging and and what stagers want to offer agents when it comes to selling. But perhaps throughout this process we need to keep perpsective on what the seller in the middle wants t...
Well good morning everyone from Tasmania, Australia. I know my description says I am from Hawaii, but the Pacific state was the closest port of call to Australia!Now to get a few things straight. Tas Devils do not actually manically spin around gnawing through trees. There are no Kangaroos jumpin...

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