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The concept of real estate marketing is always evolving. From billboards, direct mail, to word of mouth, to SEO. I feel like many real east professionals get so caught up in driving traffic to their business, that they leave out the most important thing of all, credibility. Why should you shift y...
When I first started Shipwash Properties, we solely focused on flipping houses. This meant we bought houses that were in dire need of a remodel. I really loved buying houses to flip, but I found myself driving to the project sites every day to check the status. It wasn't because I didn't trust my...
You've probably seen the signs all around your neighborhood displaying "we buy houses" or "cash for your house." Maybe you've even called the numbers and it's a company telling you that they pay cash for your house and close in as little as 3-5 days. For people that have a home that needs remodel...
You must be thinking, "this guy is completey out of his mind. Anyone that buys a completely remodeled, up-to-date home in this market will not be moving into it with 25% equity from the start. But what if I told you there was a way? If you are an investor, you are no doubt familiar with the BRRRR...
 I never really understood the TikTok hype. I mean I downloaded it on my phone, and it certainly helped provide me with quality entertainment during my morning coffee, but I assumed it was a fad that would pass quickly. It wasn’t until I made a quick before/after video of one of Shipwash Properti...
In my young investing journey, I see investors mostly ignore any listings on the MLS and I often ask myself, why? When I first started Shipwash Properties, I usually looked for all of my potential properties on the MLS. This could be unique to my area, but many of the Facebook groups I am in rela...
 How Do I Start Begin Analyzing Offers? After much thought and deliberation, you have finally decided to sell your house! Shortly after being on the market, you become overwhelmed with several offers. Stress begins to set in and you are left wondering which of these offers to even consider. Havin...
When I first started my business just this year, I was obsessing for days over what my logo would look like. I wanted to stand out from the other real estate investment companies. I hired a freelancer to design my logo. She probably hated me due to the revision requests I sent over. After it was ...

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