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  Dear Leader, A recent Posting in my Facebook newsfeed caught my attention last week and I hope it catches yours now, because it comes from someone who your organization is built around: a competent, unassuming, talented, worker bee. This young graphic designer - still relatively new to her fir...
How is it that my beloved Chicago Cubs boast the second WORST record in the Major Leagues, but the SIXTH best attendance record (including the FIFTH best attendance compared to 2011)?  Why would so many support so fully a team demonstrating such professional ineptness? The answer is simple - it'...
"Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap",.  "Tap, tap, tap, tap". We heard a series of them shortly after takeoff though they soon ended and we forgot about them as our breakfast was served.  Until I noticed that for the very first time, after eating hundreds of similar airline breakfasts, this one was differe...
I heard it again last week: "We had one of our agents - a TOP PRODUCER - leave last week, and I've got to say, it's like a breath of fresh air.  She has been very demanding for the past two years, never has been a team player, and we don't make any money off of her.  We are THRILLED she's gone! ...
They come into office filled with such noble aspirations and we with such fresh hope for them! Yet, it doesn't seem long at all until their "leadership" seems to consist primarily of trying to figure out and then pander to what the majority (or the most powerful) of their constituents want.  Inst...
  I suppose it was inevitable…I heard it twice last week from two different people:  “I’m doing this (strategy) to get us ready/to position us for when the market comes back”.   Let me say this slowly…  Its. Not. Coming. Back. Over the past few years, we’ve seen scores (perhaps the majority) of ...
    Hands down, the latest and greatest corporate buzz phrase this year is value proposition.  I'm tired of hearing it, and more tired with the way we're utilizing it.  The way value proposition is typically described is as a list of all the tools, programs, systems that would be available to som...
Brokers everywhere have slashed expenses over the past few years - many to the point where they believe significant further savings are futile - incremental at best.  As they contemplate survival strategies in the "new normal", many are convinced that their future depends not in cutting expenses ...
  You say you've been sending some really great recruiting marketing pieces, tweeked your scripts, compiled a mind-blowing value proposition, and have instituted management accountability for recruiting but the TARGETS on your HIT LIST aren't responding the way you'd hoped? Maybe you should cons...
  University of Illinois (my Alma Mater) Head Basketball Coach Bruce Weber has come under intense fire lately, precipitated by our basketball team's late season swoon.  Let me begin by stating that this post is not about whether Bruce should or shouldn't be fired, but I do believe this situation ...

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