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In towns across America this time of year, you will start to see graduations. In Watertown, WI there are quite a few to pick from, from the seminary at Maranatha all the way down to the kindergartens around town. I find it interesting that the town that started the first kindergarten has so many ...
Each year my wife and I talk about putting in garden, but every year we put it off till it is too late. This year, we got a head start and got it going before the lawn even needed to be mowed. We started digging, and boy was I surprised to find what laid just under the grass! The ground here is t...
Spring is here, the sun is out, and the grass needs to be cut. This is an amazing time in Watertown. A time to get out in the yard and make things come alive! One problem, though: dandelions! The scourge of all lawns across America! When I saw the yellow heads of the enemy popping out from their...
    For the last two years, home prices have been dropping. Some price rangeswere more affected than others, but they were all going in the samedirection. Recently, however, we have seen a slight rise in homeprices. There is a block here in Watertown that I like to watch. All thehomes are exactly...
 If you are like me, you have several blogs and countless socialnetworking sites. If I were to be on ALL of them I could be online for7-9 hours a day! On a normal day, I am only on for 30-40 minutes yet Imanage to stay on top of everything. It can be done, but it requiresconcentration and a plan ...
Yesterday, I went for a walk in short sleeves. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and everyone had a smile on their face. It was nice to see everyone out and about downtown! I stopped in at Josephine's in the Market to greet my friend Charlot. She said business was going up with all the warm ...
Watertown, WI has been a two-college town since the early Twenties. Even today, it is a great place for education. With Madison College and Maranatha Baptist Bible College (MBBC), this is a town of great learning! As times change so does everything else, and colleges are no exception. MBBC is go...
I have been working side by side with Jeremy Briggs for quite some timenow. His desk is right next to mine at the office, and we even went tocollege together! We are both premium agents in Watertown, WI, and we have just decided to combine our talents to provide much better service than we ever c...
My life will change for ever. Not because I am selling houses right and left. Not because of everything happening around me. We just found out that my wife is having a girl. Melody Rose Wright should be born around June 21st. Normally I would not consider this to be a good item to blog about. How...
What a great valentines week end! I was born on Valentine's Day. So it has a special place in my heart. Unfortunately I had a lot of work that has to be done at the office. The up side was I am now have seven active accepted offers waiting to close in the next three months. People often ask me ho...

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