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Well, it's been awhile since my last post and it's not because business is down.  Au contrere my friends, if you are in real estate and you are NOT doing short sales you are certainly missing out.  I have more short sales than I can shake a stick at!  Seriously though, to be successful in short s...
      What to look for in a short sale offer   As one of Illinois largest short sale negotiators, I have the opportunity to work on hundreds of short sales.  Over the last 12 months, we have averaged an approval rate of close to 95%.  So, are we closing 9 out of ten short sales?  Not even close. ...
The term "short sale" has been tossed around the media a lot lately, and many homeowners are confused as to what it means, and whether it can apply to them.  As a former lending executive and Licensed Realtor who is a short sale expert, my goal is to educate homeowners so that they may make the r...
Short Sales - Stopping the Sherriff's Sale/Court Auction    Attempting a short sale when a Sherriff's sale or auction is imminent is usually not a good idea, especially if the sale date is less than two weeks away.  This can be a stressful and difficult process, and should not be attempted unless...
Part 4 Submitting the Package   The Process This is actually a very simple process, yet many people start themselves on the road to failure here by not doing this right.  Our main goal here is to get the package to the right place in the least amount of time.  We need to get past "gatekeepers" an...
Do you allow lenders to dictate what percentage of commissions that you recieve on a short sale, and if you do, why?  Is it not a slippery slope to accept shorter and shorter commissions? What legal right do the banks have to interfere with your contracts? (buyer/seller)   This is getting ridicul...
Working with the sellers and other parties     The Short Sale Presentation Ok, so now you have a client in need that is willing to cooperate, so now what?  You are going to have to explain to them, in simple terms, just what a short sale is, how it works, and how it may affect them.  This is extr...
Determining if a deal is Viable These are the questions you need to ask to determine if this deal is worth taking.  It is no fun to find out down the road that there is no way in hell that this deal will be approved or close.  Taking this ten minute step can save you months of frustration, so, yo...
Ok....I am new to ActiveRain, but I am not new to the industry.  Just in the last few hours of surfing, it is plain to me that the vast, VAST majority of folks here, both Investors and Agents, have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about the facts surrounding short sales.  Let me elucidate on some of what I hav...

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