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I have Friends and family who over the past few years have been losing their jobs due to the failing auto industry. Everyone knows that Gm one of the largest corporations in the world will be filing for bankruptcy protection on June 1st. This will devastate not only Detroit and Michigan but any c...
By now everybody knows that the banks are overloaded with short sale requests and foreclosures. So why is that they don't hire enough people to handle the workload, so they can get these bad loans off of their books. This is a straight forward question to a very sordid answer. For the companies w...
Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of speculation as to who was responsible for the mortgage meltdown. Was it the appraisers for over estimating the value on properties in order to make a mortgage broker happy? How about the Realtors and mortgage brokers who pushed higher price ho...
As our country braces for the worst housing crisis in history, blame for the fiasco is shifting from one entity to the next. Estimates on foreclosed homes have eclipsed the million home mark.  Foreclosures are on the rise and we still don't see an end or a solution to the problem. As I watch the ...
Hello fellow rainers. I have been blogging here on active rain for about 4 months and I have to say that it has really opened my eyes to a great way of networking with and learning from one another. i keep coming across other blogging sites and because time is so vital in this business I have bee...
So, I'm sitting here in my home office reading my emails, on hold with customer service at wells fargo and I hear this low rumbling in the distance. Very quickly the elevator music version of metallica's enter sandman gets completely drowned out by a thunderous roar. The hair on the back of my ne...
I have to hand it to the wonderfully brilliant business plan of citi mortgage. My clients have a 2nd lien for 20,000 through them. The first is through a different lender. My client has discharged both loans through chapter 7 bankruptcy. So today i'm on the phone talking to them about releasing t...
I recently posted onto a blog and left a basic blogesque comment. Unfortunately, there was another blogger on there posting their comments. One comment led to another and suddenly I was under attack. Why did this person take out a personal assault upon me? I don't know. After being shot at with a...
With the new climate in the real estate world come the self proclaimed gurus and experts on Short sales and REO's. There are seminars popping up all over the country run by people that claim to the top authority on the subject. How is that only a year or two ago there were only a few people in th...
Where are the groups that are helping homeowners through this difficult time? I rarely hear advertisements geared toward helping homeowners through this crisis. What you do see on the news daily is how bad things are but, no options attached for a way out!? I have made contact with many community...


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