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all about my thoughts.....Please comment
wow.... so..... how has this housing crisis affected you? Most of us straped on our seat belt and took alot of courses to get us through the hard times, like talking short sales classes , gaining our CDPE and trying to get the most information to our clients to save their credit or home. In this ...
When Clouds rain and fog my view of what it is I am trying to do,Helping people find what they need, is my very goal indeednew beginnings and fresh starts is all we can do, try again and watch our for those who think you are a fool,use all your tools and smarts to reign , bringings it all back to...
  I dont know if you know the story of Megan Meier to Google her you will be amazed... Her mother is a phenomal woman fighting to take down cyber bullies..    Merry Christmas Tina...Sitting here thinking of your beautiful daughter, wishing people around us could just be smarter. Speak to her dail...
 A story I will start as clear as can be, a story brought on by a friend and me,For us being close and mean so much to me, but...for all of the drama it is easy to leave. Friends are an asset and an extension of pleasure and for that not to be, needs a re-measure.Lies, deceit, and no caring in th...
The woman that helped raise me...  I was invited here by a very nice comment on my page, Active rain is such a great support system I did not have a clue how powerful this site it...,  could you please Pray for my Friend Carol..  Friday we went to the doctor with the most wonderful woman, she is ...
McCluer North's 20 year Reunion..  Wow.... So with out a doubt we have pulled off our 20-year reunion! Thank you everyone for coming and we get the feeling that everyone had a blast!  For starters Friday night at Malone's was a full house, people were in every corner of the bar and cameras flashi...
We go thru so many things to get to the top, sometime it seams that life never stopsreading, writing, signing and such , some days it is just entirely too muchfor the awaited closing to be so near , i just wish sellers would see my fear, to let them down would be very rough , but for me not to cl...
 My son he's 16 , cute as can besmart , respectful and has access to the key I raised him well and now I must see that someday some other girl will replace me.....he asked her last night and without a fight she jumped at the chance to continue to dancewhat does this all mean to me, I wonder how f...
wow so everyone knows that we all stand to survive , issues and all try hard to keep us alive,For things to fall into place like they do, you cant tell me that we are just living this thrulife is a gift and at times we can't see that it is the tiny things in life that are bothering to thee, to st...
  Live Life as if the fear of Death shall never be something feared at all.Trouble yourself less about others religion, will them to the lord Do respect others views, may they not be yours. Spread the lordPray all men alike seek our lord, feel the blessing and repentDo take time to Love your life...

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all about my thoughts.....Please comment