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Hi, I am in search for true hard money guys for all sorts of deals from land to rehabs. if you are out there i have deals for you! i do deals in Maryland, va, wv, dc, de ectcall me on my cell  i have deals now!240-925-5676 thanks any one that can help.
I am looking for places in Charles County, or St Marys county Maryland to meet real-estate professionals, title co, investors.can any one point me to the right place?
I am watching the sub prime market fall apart. I know it will be recreating it self sooner or later. I know till then this program is going to help me through the down times. I deal with about 50 or so % of my borrowers that are below prime rate clients. So the just of the program is that it is a...
This is the best thing i have seen in a long time. These people are trying to help 1 million people take home ownership by 2010. I have to say when i first saw the program i was a little Leary of the whole thing but wow was i wrong.These people are on a mission. I know that with all the market ch...
Where do you think the market is headded in the next 8 to 12 mounts?some say we have seen the highest home values there are to see. Yet others say we will be i a market that is going to keep going up.I say it depends on where you live and what drives your market. what do you guys think?
This is a new program i am trying to get the word out on. I need to let every one know that i can help you get in a home all you need to do is contact me. This is a program for people that cant get money from a bank. I have a group of investors that will help buy a home. WOW. Realtors how many pe...
I know it is getting harder ot there to get money for those investment homes.I have got a 1 loan no mortgage insurance for 100% WOW that's right 100%You need to have a 720 middle fico score to go stated or 680 to go full me today to get 1 going.240-925-5676 cell 7 days a week

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