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On ActiveRain, Tom is Along with Cathy Chappell, his business partner, he is also and
In Part 1 of Search Engine Things To Know - Google Your Web, I showed this (I repeat it here for convenience): Go to Google and type in your domain name (without the www).  For instance, try  You'll see this:================ WHAT YOU'LL SEE ON GOOGLE ====================ActiveRain...
Blogging is something that many of you are either actively engaged in now, or you are considering.You wonder, of course, if it is worth it.  Do I have the time to do it?  Is the ROI there to make up for the money and time?  And don't forget the time.  Time is your biggest opportunity cost, becaus...
As I start to put together a case study of Cherron Collins web site,, mentioned in the comments of one of my previous posts, I thought I'd share a tool that I found useful,'s Page Strength Tool.Everyone has heard of Google's PageRank, but what about Page Strength? SE...
I thought I'd put some posts about search engine basics out here.  If these topics have been covered by others on ActiveRain, please let me know.  I don't want to duplicate anything.  Also, please feel free to provide links to any other posts (on ActiveRain or not) that cover the same stuff.There...
07/17/2006 has only been up since June 1, and honestly, we are a little surprised at the search engine results.  I mean we thought we knew what we were doing -- traditional web design, strictly white-hat best practices, no tricks.  But, the fact that 50% of the traffic has been from peopl...
I saw a great post on about the power of blogging in getting ranked high on search engines. The biggest take-away from the article is this:SEO = search engine optimization.Search engines love blogs.Blogs = great SEO.  
We launched on June 1.  It is a commercial and industrial real estate search engine.  In the first month we had over 10,000 page views, and over 50% of the traffic came from real people doing searches on search engines -- all organic search too, no pay per click.Now, we are in ...

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On ActiveRain, Tom is
Along with Cathy Chappell, his business
partner, he is also and