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Many buyers starting the USDA mortgage process ask “how to locate approved USDA Rural homes in Florida”  Most of the counties in Florida do contain USDA eligible locations, in fact only Broward, Pinellas and Monroe do NOT contain any eligible locations. The USDA 502 Guarantee program is for any ...
 The Florida FHA loan program has continued to gain popularity for new home buyers across the state. Many homebuyers around Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, St. Johns need home loan options that offer min down payment like the FHA program.  In addition to the low 3.5% down payment requirem...
In recent years, a number of alternative home mortgage options have risen to allow Ocala and Gainesville homebuyers to purchase a home with little to NO down payment.  Conventional mortgages have always required a 10-20 percent down payment, which is out of reach for the average home buyer, espec...
Most Florida first time buyers don't have the means for the large down payments required by most mortgage programs today.  The good news is the 100% USDA 502 Guarantee home mortgage loans are offered to help lower to moderate income households purchase homes in Florida's rural areas and in some c...
FHA recently announced that their monthly mortgage insurance (PMI rates) are being reduced for 2015!   New FHA loan applicants will be paying about much less for their monthly MIP compared to 2014.  FHA mortgage insurance rates for 2015 will be .85% for max 96.5% financing - down from 1.35% last ...
FHA provides different home financing options that helps make home ownership easier for Florida home buyers. Even with limited credit, down payment and resources, the FHA program offers great flexibility in 2015.  Everyone knows that real estate around Tampa and St. Petersburg is quit expensive, ...
  Five Stars has been serving Jacksonville's Hard Money needs since 2006. As a leading provider of Hard Money in Florida,  Five Stars believes that Hard Money loans provide an important niche for real estate investors in Duval, Clay and St. Johns County.  Below we will discuss some important inf...
Volusia County has very little choices in 2015 when it comes to NO down payment mortgages.  A few government programs like USDA and VA home loan are the only choices. And for unless you are military, the VA mortgage is not feasible.  The good news is most of Volusia County is still eligible for t...
FHA home loan presents a great home financing opportunity for first time buyers around Pensacola. Why you might ask?  FHA loans still only require 3.5% for a down payment, which is great for many first time home buyers in Escambia County.  Also the loan amount limits are pretty generous with FHA,...
USDA Rural Housing still offer 100% financing in select locations around Florida.  The best part is most of Polk County is still eligible for the USDA Rural housing program in 2015.  The USDA rural loan program continues to grow in popularity with Polk County homebuyers searching for 100% financi...

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