Reverse MortgageCE Credits in Bend, Oregon: Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending Go After Sleeping Giant

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CE credits for Realtor's with Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending
Beaverton Oregon Reverse Mortgage Question:   Do I get paid full commission if I list or sell a home with a Reverse Mortgage on it?   Great question and one that is on many Realtors minds these days: you will be dealing with more Reverse Mortgages in the future as our population ages and the ways...
Purchase Your Dream Home in Portland, Or with a HECM with 30-50% Down Are you waiting until the market corrects so that you can sell your current home and purchase your Retirement dream home?  If so, you are like thousands of Older Americans that believe they need to sell their current home for t...
Will Boomers Be Retiring in Oregon, Washington, or the Northwest? Boomers are rethinking housing options for their retirement.  Here is an article that you may find useful to understand what is on the mind of today's boomers.  Click here.  Have you educated yourself to understand how to help your...
Oregon CE credits for Realtors during 2013 Booking Now Here is an opportunity for you to learn about the Hot Topic of Reverse Mortgage in Oregon and earn 3 continuing education credits at the same time.  Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending delivered CE credits to hundreds of Oregon Realtors la...
Reverse Mortgage Purchase Options in Portland Oregon   Are you waiting for the market to correct before you list your property so you can sell it for top dollar?  Don't!  There is no better time to list and sell your property than right now, this is the time that you can sell low and more importa...
Concerned about Retirement in Oregon?   Who isn't?  I found this short quiz today that takes about 2 minutes and will open your eyes like it did mine.  Click here for the link.  
Beaverton Or Reverse Mtg Q  Can I buy property close to kids?   My wife found a home in Beaverton Oregon close to our children that is her dream home.  This dream home is a steal on the market however it is priced just beyond my reach.  I heard that I might be able to use a Reverse Mortgage to pu...
Portland Oregon: Agent Reboot   Agent Reboot is coming to Portland on June 6th, 2012!  If you haven't heard of it you can check them out at their website!  Technology is a growing trend and like it (love it), or not we must all get on the band wagon.  I assume that you know that since you are par...
 Reverse Mortgage Question Portland Oregon:  The Truth About Why Some Children Hate Reverse Mortgage     "I just found out that my parents had a Reverse Mortgage on their property in Portland, Oregon and I think they were taken advantage of!  What do I do now?"  Does this sound familiar?  My husb...
Best comments I have heard from the press!  I think they are finally getting it!!   NBC Today Show on Reverse Mortgages: Children Not Entitled to Home Inheritance March 22nd, 2012  |  by Elizabeth Ecker Published in News, Reverse Mortgage  |  1 Comment A reverse mortgage is for the borrower, not...

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CE credits for Realtor's with Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending