Reverse MortgageCE Credits in Bend, Oregon: Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending Go After Sleeping Giant

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CE credits for Realtor's with Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending
  Portland Oregon Reverse Mortgage Question to Realtors:   What makes you stand out from the other Realtors?     Your specialty niche and your knowledge right?  Did you know that you can help your clients that are 62 and over purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage and have no monthly mortgage pa...
Bend Oregon CE Credit Class for Realtors was a smashing success.  I recieved the following thank you by the end of the day.  I love what I do and it makes my job fun when I can teach Realtors how to use this amazing program to build their business:     Hi Sharon,   I want to thank you so much for...
Klamath Falls Oregon: Reverse Mortgage and foreclosure: There are three kinds of people when it comes to understanding the truth about Reverse Mortgage: Those that know the truth about Reverse Mortgage Those that don't know anything about Reverse Mortgage And the most dangerous are those that THI...
Portland Oregon: Are Mom and Dad ok?   As you are traveling home for the Holiday's please have an honest conversation with your parent/s and find out how they are doing in this economy.  A recent survey indicated that over 50% of our Older American's are living at or below the poverty level who w...
Portland Oregon Older American asks: "should I wait to sell my home until the values come back?" That is a great question and one that most older American's not only in Portland Oregon, but all over the nation are asking.  To answer your question let me ask you one:  are you planning on buying an...
Portland Oregon Reverse Mortgage Question:   My question today comes from Mr. Yanes who is a 65 year old living in Portland Oregon.  His daughter told him that he might be able to use a Reverse Mortgage on his primary residence to purchase a Condo in Arizona so that he can get out of the cold and...
Deborah Nance wrote an excellent article on Social Security Income and if and how it could effect your Reverse Mortgage.  This is information that all Older American's as well as Realtors and Fianancial Advisors need to know.   Thank you Deborah for the great content!   PS:  I miss you!A reverse ...
Portland Oregon Older American's and Reverse Mortgage to secure Retirement nest egg Have you been considering downsizing because your Accountant or Financial Planner informed you that you can no longer afford your home?  Or are you worried about not having an emergency nest egg in your Retirement...
  What kind of home can I buy with a  Reverse Mortgage?That is a great question and for the answer we will need to look to the FHA Guidelines regarding suitable property.  Any home that qualifies for forward (traditional) FHA loans will be acceptable for FHA Reverse Mortgage financing.The followi...
SRES Realtors - The HECM “Reverse For Purchase” Can Help Your Clients to Buy Their Dream Retirement Home. HECM stands for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage and FHA defines “HECM for Purchase” as a “R.E. purchase where title to the property is transferred to the senior buyer, which the buyer will oc...

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