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How timely my post yesterday on Emotional Mastery?  There was an article in the NY Times Magazine yesterday about how the field of 'positive psychology' is becoming a big thing on real college campuses and is now being studied for validity by psychologists.It's a great story on the 'power of posi...
As we all look to get off to a fast start in 2007 and set the stage for a good year personally and professionally, I believe there is really only one skill we all need to master to really become successful.This skill permeates every facet of our life and business and once mastered will virtually ...
Tp all AR acquaintances with whom I've begun to build a relationship with and all those with whom I am waiting to get to know, best wishes for an outstanding 2007!On my list of the things I'm most grateful that 2006 brought into my business and my life is this outstanding community of success ori...
Been away from AR for awhile as I was preparing for this past weekend. Wow, what a weekend. If I had a comfort zone going into it. It got blown up the past three days.I just spent the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia working on my presentation skills with a real pro.What a comfort zone busting experie...
There are three things I listen to when driving in my car.  Some of you probably have some of your favorite things, these are my top three:1) Personal/Professional Development CDs;2) Bruce Springsteen Live concert recordings;3) NPR, National Public RadioI would say I balance my time between the t...
One thing my professional baseball career taught me was not to get to high when things are going well, and never get too down when you're in the midst of a slump. Emotional swings are not conducive to long term success and long term sanity.The same is true in business. That's why one of the 8-Ess...
At the encouragement of Jessica Hughes, Craig Schiller and Ginger Sala, I'm writing this blog regarding perfectionism and procrastination. Craig posted a question on his blog asking how much time people spend in ARand if they can quantify an ROI on that investment in time and it got me thinking.O...
I believe you can't do too much networking.  You just never know who you will meet that needs your services.Tonight, a colleague, friend and client called me about 4:55pm and asked me if I was going to our local Chamber's Holiday Business After Hours event fro 5-7pm.  Fortunately, the event was a...
I am overwhelmed by the comments to my blog posting yesterday about the sales mistake I almost couldn't get myself out of.  The follow up today from that situation is they called me back wanting more specifics as to the topics for workshops I could offer their best referral sources.  They are goi...
My wife and I are presently in negotiations for a new home.  Everyday we are reading the local and regional newspapers about the slump in the housing market in the Northeast (we live in the Hudson Valley region of NY).Today, again, another article in the NY Times, What Statistics on Home Sales Ar...

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