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  There is a common issue with faulty HVAC systems in Older homes with modern heating equipment. Condensation can form in the older chimneys not designed for low flue gas temperatures and create water stains, efflorescence and deterioration of the chimney. The newer furnaces usually 92 percent a...
 I was going through my albums the other day and was sad to see this picture of myself standing at the base of the statue of Liberty. This picture was taken in September of 1996 when I took my son to visit the very place where so many of our ancestors came to make a new life in America.  This is ...
Knob and Tube Wiring is a Concern The old knob n tube system was originally designed to carry very small currents. Back in the day, the most common need for electricity was for lighting. Today, the needs for the average family are considerably greater. More items will be plugged into the outlets...
There are two major reasons, Safety and Efficiency. Having your furnace annually serviced is one way to help extend its life. When your furnace reaches 10-12 years, it is strongly recommended that you hire a licensed HVAC (Heating Ventilation-Air Conditioning) company to perform a heat exchanger...
If you are buying or even selling an older house you can disclose the condition of the existing sewer line. The sewer line is the responsibility of the homeowner from the home all the way out to the street where it taps into the city's line.  Replacing a sewer line can cost the homeowner anywher...
     Their technical name is Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) water heaters. The basic idea behind the design is to prevent flammable gases, such as paint thinner, gasoline, or other household chemicals from exploding and catching the home on fire if they are in the vicinity of the wate...
  There are some simple checks that an home inspection will find that may show the need for immediate repair before usage. For example the area between the damper and the back of the fireplace  interior wall usually brick or stone should be tight. This area many times is cracked or open for flam...
 January is the deadliest month for house fires and fire-related deaths in America, according to the National Fire protection Association. While many households have smoke detectors, many consumers are unaware of the type of device they are using, which could make a huge difference in an emergen...
 Are you considering a Home Inspection? If you are I have a checklist for you to prepare for your Inspection. This is a simple list of ten thing's that you can do to assist and insure that the most critical areas are accessible. An Inspector is limited to doing a complete inspection if some of th...
 Value and Condition go hand and hand just as faith and works. I could never understand why a mandatory appraisal would not involve a home inspection also. The average home inspection will approximately cost the investors one tenth of one percent of the total value of the house. The value of the ...

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