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 Normally, I try very hard not to repeat myself on this blog, but I think the MMAP program is worth another look right now. First, it is one of the most viewed pages on my blog and I get asked about it quite a bit. Second, with the recent changes in the market, I think it is worth another look.MM...
 Two weeks from tonight, I will be handing out candy to all the kids in the neighborhood. So, it is time to start getting ready for Halloween. See, we don't have to talk real estate 24 hours a day! I thought I'd share some pumpkin carving tips and ideas, and direct you to the terrific website--Ex...
Did you know that Berkeley has designated over 300 buildings as architecturally important? That is a lot! I wanted to make a smaller list of some my favorites--some that are on the list and some that may be there someday.The Fish House--This elaborate Victorian was built in 1889 and is covered in...
After last week's post about short sales, it begs the question about what the difference is between a short sale and a foreclosure. And, with all the media attention to the rise in foreclosures, especially here in the Bay Area, I thought it would be helpful to look at the steps of a foreclosure. ...
In this changing real estate market, everyone is talking about "short sales," but the regular consumer might be left wondering what exactly a short sale is. While we Realtors know all about them, this is something every homebuyer on the market should be aware of. So, here is a quick introduction ...
If you are an Oakland homeowner, you simply must consider taking advantage of Oakland's new seismic retrofitting incentive program. And, if you are buying a home in Oakland, there is no reason not to retrofit your home. The City of Oakland is making it very easy and very affordable for you to sav...
From time to time, I like to write about the green movement and how it applies to real estate and home design. So, today I want to point everyone in the direction of a fabulous blog--Ecofabulous.com.Ecofabulous is run by Zem Joaquin (and what a great name is that?), a design professional with a b...
So the market seems to be settling down somewhat (At least, nothing too scary happened while I was on vacation in Russia for two weeks). The last few months have been a bit crazy. And, as I've said before, the market is not plummeting or caving in...it is simply correcting itself. A lot of questi...
Well, I just got back from Russia (...more on that later...), and have a new listing on the market. This is a beautiful Cape Cod-style farmhouse near Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. It is on the rear lot behind another home, so it is very private. The address is 4262 Gilbert Street.The home features ...
We not only get to work in the incredible East Bay, but we also get to live and play here. So, I like to chime in with some fun things to do in the East Bay from time to time. This weekend, lets visit some Hollywood History right here in the East Bay.Did you know that the silent film industry was...

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