When we started showing new home builders and developers a new way to automate lead capture, follow-up and lead nurturing, we knew they’d love it. But what surprised us was how excited they got about how we could take leads from multiple service listings – like Trulia, Zillow and BDX – and make t...
Do you believe that understanding personality types can really affect your sales success? I was a little skeptical until I interviewed Mar'Sue Haffner and Ralph Williams from Sales Solve Everything yesterday about the presentation they'll be giving at a webinar next week. The presentation is abou...
Kerry Mulcrone blew real estate marketers away with the insights she shared on our recent webinar, “Proven Techniques for Increasing Home Sales with the Most Powerful Influencers – Women!”In this half-hour webinar, Kerry delivers golden nuggets from her 18 years of experience showing models and s...
It’s no surprise that women are key influencers when buying a home, but you might be surprised at just how high their influence is.  Women make 91% of the decisions when it comes to buying a new home. And the process a woman goes through is different from the process men use.According to award-wi...

Rebecca Eddleman

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