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Let me preface this blog by stating I'm not a lawyer, but I've spoken with 3 independent attorneys in the last month all who have reviewed the MARS FTC ruling and the ONLY EXEMPTIONS  are for attorneys (in particular cases) and even attorneys negotiating short sales have to make some changes. Thi...
There is a HUGE misconception in real estate that the highest offer on a short sale is always the best offer.   That is not always the case.  I say this as I have a unique perspective because our company BUYS and SELLS distressed assets.  I have personally experienced both sides of the coin.  Whe...
I had the excellent pleasure today to interview Joe Craft, CPA about the tax liabilities for short sales. Joe is an amazing accountant and our personal accountant at Short Sale Mitigation, LLC and Rapid Property Relief, LLC. We felt it was important for homeowners to get this timely and valuable ...
There are hundreds of reasons why a short sale may not close. There are far to many variables to list, but one of the biggest qualifiers for me when assessing whether or not we will work with a homeowner is their motivation factor. It's dooms day in case you haven't noticed in Massachusetts and N...
Ugg…Another HAFA nightmare I encountered today. I’ve heard NOTHING , but negative news on HAFA. Every Realtor I’ve spoken with who is dealing with a HAFA short sale are not impressed. I’m sure you all read at this point that only 342 short sales and deed-in-lieu’s been completed have been approve...
Gary Briere | AA Premier Properties, LLC Brokerage | | (617) 921-6490 39B Middle Road, Newbury, MA WANT SPACE? CHECK OUT EXQUISITE NEWBURY AT THIS PRICE!!! 3BR/2+1BA Single Family House offered at $320,000 Year Built 1991 Sq Footage 1,860 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2...
We have done enough short sales to see our fair share of bankruptcies occur. There is an impact to a homeowner’s credit and their short sale if they file bankruptcy. Homeowner’s in need of filing need to speak to an experienced attorney if they are considering bankruptcy as an option to stall a f...
People misunderstand the terms deficiency and deficiency judgment when explaining the risks in short sales or foreclosure actions.  It is easy to do.  Short sales and foreclosures are confusing for most homeowners.  Even after explaining the potential outcomes of a short sale or foreclosure in Ma...
Short sales are a mishmash of paperwork, time, anxiety and questions, and one of the biggest questions I receive from Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners wanting to short sale their home is, "What do I write in my hardship letter to the lender?" This is a simple question to answer, but the...
Short sales are confusing enough, but let's throw a new program into the mix.  It's called HAFA.  Now to not confuse you even further, I'm going to talk about the good old regular HAFA program and not the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae HAFA short sale program. Homeowners need to be aware of the pros and ...

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