Can you lose weight if you stop drinking alcohol?A few weeks back I wrote a post about sober weight loss and how it goes. That's a question I get all the time now that I'm a bit deeper into my sobriety. The answer is "probably yes, but not definitely". So much goes into it. You might lose weight ...
It's been a minute since I've posted here and that was not my intention! I wanted this to be a place to talk frequently about housing searching/moving and also the business side of blogging but... the housing part took over! I was last at a point where we were going to stick it out in our teeny t...
I blog about sobriety, but also about weight loss.Keeping it real, I got super fat all those years of drinking. In the beginning, when I was like 20, I could drink a lot, eat all the trash food I wanted, go work out for like a week and be back skinny. Stress, age, a baby and too much alcohol caug...
City Of AngelsLiving in Los Angeles has its upsides, no doubt. The weather is sunny most of the time, there is always something to do. You've got beaches, mountains, desert and snow no more than 2 hours away. Then there's food and ethnic diversity. I can get tacos, sushi, Pho, mofongo, jerk chick...


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