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Merry Christmas! This is the day to celebrate family and friends wherever you maybe. Throughout the world people are taking a day to have a nice meal, share a few gifts, and enjoy some good times and memories together. Merry Christmas to one and all!Merry Christmas! Today is the day we have been ...
Do you have a home, condo, or apartments to rent in Honolulu, Hawaii? I am your Honolulu, Hawaii, property management specialist. I have been a realtor and managing properties for over 5 years.  I represent one of the best property management companies in Honolulu, Hawaii,  - Rental Solutions Oah...
This is good information to remember to practice and be prepared for fires and other disasters. Too often we feel we know what we would do and when the situation, comes we panic or just run. Here are some good ideas to plan and prepare ahead of time for what may or may not happen.Yesterday in our...
The state of Hawaii has received the statistics from the U S Census Bureau 2010 census. The population of Hawaii has increased by approximately 12% to nearly 1.4 million people. In the year 2000, there were approximately 1.21 million people in Hawaii. The population of Hawaii has increased to app...
I love the holidays and I love to eat, but this year I have been working out at least an hour daily. I have really watched what I ate and drank too. Will I be able to not eat my way through the holidays? There is turkey and dressing and cranberries, potatoes and gravy, rolls, cookies, candy, carm...
There is no place like home for the holidays. No matter how far you roam, there is no place like home. We have many tourists coming to Honolulu, Hawaii for the holidays and many Hawaiians going to the mainland to be with their families. This is my 2nd year to be in Honolulu, Hawaii during the hol...
We have had over 2 days of persistent rain in Honolulu, Hawaii. There are floods, roads, closed and even the Ala Moana Shopping Center was without power on part of Sunday. Are you prepared for lots of rain in Honolulu, Hawaii? Do you have a wet vac? Do you even have an umbrella? Do you have a mop...
Tenant screening is important but needs to flow easily for the landlord and the tenants too. This is a full service comprehensive tenant screening that can help landlords and property manager screen tenants easily. Thanks for this information and advice.So there's a bit of a misconception out the...
I am the property manager for the spartments in Makaha, Hawaii, where you can surf out side your door. The apartments are nice and well secured. Section 8 is accepted. The rents are low. Deposits can be worked out. Call me now to check out these great apartments and great prices too with amazing ...
The Kahala Hotel and resort has been fined over $800,000 by the courts for charging service fees on food and beverage since 2005 and not giving themoney to the service people. They owners of the hotel have been keeping these fees gfor the hotel's expenses. Even after the litigation was filed, the...

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