Are you looking for some great ideas for closing gifts. Have you ever tried Avon? Avon has very inexpensive home decor products that would make great closing gifts. You can shop online 24/7 and have the items delivered to your home or office. Give it a try go to My fav...
With the media constantly telling all of our potential clients that the economy is horrible and house prices are falling, it is with great joy that I share with you how the Erie market is doing.  According to Cyberhomes, an Irvine, California based company that publishes a database of real estate...
Hello fellow Real Estate professionals.   I wanted to share with all of you how things are going here in Erie,PA. Erie has a stable market house prices have actually increased.  In the first 11 months of 2007 the Median residential house price in Erie county was $103,950 and in the first 11 month...
Are you looking for a nice way to get new listings that will lead to constant referrals? Let me tell you my story. Those of you that are familiar with my blogs know that I go after Unrepresented sellers. Well one of the unrepresented sellers I sought after happened to have three properties that s...
I am a new Realtor I have been with my current company for about four months. I have been aggressively going after unrepresented sellers and I have had some success. I am now going to add expireds to my plan. I have read several blogs about expireds and read lots of online articles.  I am going t...
I am a Realtor in a city in which the minority population is under-represented. There is only one Latina Realtor in my town and maybe 5 African Americans including myself. I believe that minorities do not feel like they can relate to non-minority Realtors. Precieved stereotypes and misconceptions...
I just have to share my experience with everyone. When preparing for open houses I usually put directional signs up on Friday evenings. Some of the neighbors get really ticked off about those signs being by their house and will take them or call and complain. So I use this to my benefit. I knock ...
This is for the homeowner who wanted to sell their home without a Realtor and afterwards decided to use a Realtor or for the homeowner who might. I want to know why you chose to do it yourself and why you decided to change your mind.
I am on an aggressive listing campaign. I am very motivated.  I started with Howard Hanna February of this year and I only have two listings. I want ten. I have been going after FSBO and it is working out I have several listing appointments this week and next ,but they are not mine until my sign ...
I have been spending lot of time trying to convert For sale by owners. It is working out OK. Most of the FSBO that I have met did not hate Realtors and were willing to pay a commission if I produced a buyer.  Some want to try themselves for a period of time and then will work with a Realtor. So i...

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