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I am going to renew my license plate.  I've never had a specialty plate or a personalized plate.  I don't have my name or the firm I work for on my car.  The car is an '01 Subaru Forester.  All this probably says a lot about me. First, I'm not comfortable driving a billboard on wheels.  I like to...
Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, less than a half mile from Downtown Southport, Harbor Oaks offers its residents quiet tree-lined streets, neo-traditional Southern architecture, and relaxed coastal living.   Whenever I drive into Harbor Oaks, I get a real sense of balance that has to do with...
A short drive reaps big rewards......NC Getaways      Two small towns, "both alike in dignity,"  In fair Carolina, "where we lay our scene..."                                                                          Highway 211 begins where the Piedmont meets the "Sandhills" as it intersects High...
  I couldn't help but share my amazement when I read about about the lucky local fishermen who landed a prize-winning  blue marlin, worth 386,750 in the early going of The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. No, my comma is in the right place. That is the prize for bringing in the first marlin over ...
Just like people, there are a few areas of Brunswick County that got it all when it comes to looks. Natural beauty is something that speaks to us internally. Not everyone has it...not every place has it...but it grabs you right away. Lockwood Folly is one of those special places. It's one of Brun...
  On the outskirts of town, Smithville Woods is a my top destination pick if you are planning to relocate to Southport and are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of kids. It's the kind of place I dreamed about growing up in. While living and raising our kids in Downtown Southpor...
On the eve of North Carolina's largest 4th of July celebration, Southport readies itself for a swell of visitors that you'd just have to see to believe. I say this after experiencing this colossal event first-hand for over 20 years. We're talking 50,000 festivarians in a town of less than 3,000 r...
I would really love to live in River Run. I have an ingrained sensitivity to harsh development practices. It pains me to see irreplaceable trees cut down unnecessarily. It hurts me when newcomers and visitors to the area think the Official tree of Brunswick County is the Palm tree, which has been...
Down here in Southport, it's just starting to feel a little different. Even though we've had our share of warm spells and 70 degree days this Winter, last weekend conjured up that unmistakable feeling of anticipation that has less to do with temperature and more to do with the primordial wake-up...
I think blogging is a lot like exercising. It's pretty easy when you're in the routine. But if that routine gets interrupted, as was the case over the Holidays, boy it sure is hard to get back in it! I haven't posted in a month and it's not like I don't have a gazillion things to write about. I'm...


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Vicki Burton is a local Buyer's Agent and 30-year resident of Southport NC. Whether you dream is to find the perfect cottage in Downtown Southport or a home in one of the many surrounding communities, Vicki can show you the best properties currently available that match your criteria

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