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This is a case where the picture and not the event nudged me out of my recent writing slump. I admit I get pretty caught up in the Fall trying to capture the perfect sunset. There are just so darn many of them. I usually start sizing up the clouds for potential around 4ish when I'm headed home. ...
Not too much, really, but here goes: Southport's 2007 election came and went and the "writing on the wall" turned in to an accurate prediction. Southport residents were indeed ready for a change and voted decisively in that direction. All of the incumbents up for re-election were handed their hat...
What has been my biggest obstacle in the picture-taking mode I've been in lately? Well here in Southport NC, and I'm sure in many other towns across America, we have been overtaken by an outside invader, that clashes badly with picturesque persona we have become famous for. OK, I'll just come ri...
It just doesn't seem possible that Halloween is right around the corner. Here in Southport, Fall has been a tease.... at best, for it seems to have disappeared.  It's October 19th and it's 85 degrees, hot and sticky, and once again I'm in denial wearing a long-sleeve shirt. Signs of Halloween ar...
This weekend gets kicked off with a bang in Southport, NC, as the 29th Annual US Open King Mackerel Tournament starts Friday, October 5th.   Always the first weekend in October, this Grand Slam event offers one of the biggest purses in sports fishing, with the winning fish fetching $25,000. Over...
Southport, NC 09/24/07 The issue I’m offering up for discussion deals with the real estate transfer tax. I know, I know, all real estate agents, builders, and developers are collectively opposed to them. Pardon me for being the contrarian here but I’m not sure what my vote is going to be come Nov...
A short drive reaps big rewards......NC Getaways      Two small towns, "both alike in dignity,"  In fair Carolina, "where we lay our scene..."                                                                          Highway 211 begins where the Piedmont meets the "Sandhills" as it intersects High...
 Say you’re in the middle of a property search in the area of Southport, NC. You’re out riding around on a Sunday afternoon and you run across my sign here next to a parcel of land in the area you are looking. Should you call me at the number given? Is this a trick question? Yes it is, for my ans...
I am getting ready to renew my license plate. I've never had a specialty plate or a personalized plate. I don't have my name or the firm I work for on my car. The car is an '01 Subaru Forester. All this probably says a lot about me. First, I'm not comfortable driving a billboard on wheels. I like...
 A cage-rattling line of thunderstorms came through town during the night last night, the likes of which we haven't seen in quite some time. I was driving home on Goodman Road fairly late last night after seeing BLT's hilarious performance of Nunsense. Debris was flying through the air and there ...


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