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Are you a teacher, fireman, EMT or police officer looking to purchase a new home? If so, you can qualify for HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door program and save 50% on the purchase of your home!. WHAT IS THE GOOD NEIGHBOR NEXT DOOR PROGRAM? • The Good Neighbor program is specially designed to help ful...
From The Guys at; The FDIC posted a press release stating that their video was full of falsehoods. They focused on irrelevant semantics but never questioned their math or the fact that such a scenario was plausible. This video has been modified to address the points made...
This article was featured in Business Week. At first the headline seems to be a very insulting statement! But the writer, Mark Roth, uses this dramatic title to get your attention to make excellent points for those who are on the fence. Namely those interest rates are at an all time low, in fact,...
In today's market if you have a good credit score or have lots of cash available to you, you may be considering purchasing a foreclosed home. This can be a very good opportunity to make some money, but if you have ever tried to get information on a specific foreclosure you have probably found tha...
The silly season is upon us again.No, we're not talking about cattle running through the streets of Bowie or Annapolis. It's just that in these last few days before the election, it sometimes seems as if we're living with a rodeo.  There are the out of town wranglers who ride in for an hour or tw...

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Blog Site about Maryland Real Estate Issues as well as general community items