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Tiger has taken the golf world to a level it has never been.  He changes the market of Golf to maybe a top 4 sport.  Who can be the Tiger of the real estate market.  Can Obama bring the market back to see apprication in homes instead of deprepectiaon.  People can start to be conftorable again and...
OK send me the cashier check in Africa and I will send you the keys to my property.  How long would this take for you to say, ARE YOU CRAZY?  Continuing to find listings on Craigslist and also people trying to pull scams on Active Rain means somebody must be sending checks.  This really hurts Cra...
After listening to President Obama tonight my thoughts ventured to credit reports.  Finding good tenants during an economic time is possible, but should you take risks?  Applicants claim everybody has bad credit these days. Not a bad point.  Scanning through about 5-7 credit reports a day 80% of ...
I would like to know what property managers and owners feel about Section 8 tenants.  If you can give me some experiences you have had with Section 8, I would like to discuss the topic.   Please comment and lets discuss the pro's and con's.   Sidney Poritz HomePointe Property Manager Sacramento, ...
Life would be a lot easier if we knew what the next day ahead would look like.  Unfortunately nobody has a crystal ball to determine what the next day entails.  My hope is more renters come to the table this summer and are looking for good deal on a property to rent.  I continue to try and inform...
Around this time last year mid level homes  were renting within 30 days with a good price tag.  This year things seem to be a little slower in the mid level market.  In Sacramento a lot of investors have bought foreclosures and put a quality home in the rental market.  This has brought the invent...
If you had your property on the market for rent close to 90 or 120 days it's time for new plan.  Don't continue to think your price is right and renters don't know what there doing.  You need to adjust your price to the market and eventually you will find a renter.  Taking a look at prices every ...
During this tough time vandalism and theft is becoming a daily occurrence in some neighborhoods.  People will do anything to survive during these tough times.     If you have tenants at your property make sure to encourage them to have renters insurance.  Most companies will provide renters insur...
Right now is a tough time for everybody due to our economy hitting close to all time lows.  People are looking for places to live and so are there animals.  60% of people who rent properties have animals.  If you are going to offer your home, my recommendation would be to make pets negotiable at ...
Moving might be the worst event of all time.  Breaking down everything in your house, finding a truck to load all of your belongings is not very fun.  You learn when moving how much you don't need.  My plan this holiday season is to take all unwanted clothes and belongings to homeless areas and p...

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